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Project Samvedna believes that everyone requires emotional support and love. With this in mind, we work with The Earth Saviours Foundation and ARUN to counsel & assist their inhabitants.

The Earth Saviours Foundation is an internationally recognized NGO, founded my Mr. Ravi Kalra to serve the under privileged. The gurukul shelters and cares for old age, mentally challenged, terrorist attack victims, emotionally challenged and physically challenged people. Enactus ARSD believes that even the smallest contribution can help take forward this selfless mission of alleviating the poor and giving shelter and support to the needy. We, therefore, joined hands with Earth Saviours Foundation, giving our time and donations to those in need. We arrange regular visits, raise awareness, and spread the message and motto that it strives to abide by on various social media platforms.

ARUN: Shelter for Women takes care of the underprivileged women, whom we have collaborated with under Project Kalakaari. Since these women lack certain skills needed to create our products, we provide training sessions to them to enhance their skill set and help them become independent and self-reliant. We have dedicated some visits solely to spend time with these women and connect with them on a personal level. Listening to their stories, hearing them sing, dance, and enjoy with us has given us a level of joy which is hard to put into words.

Even the pandemic could not hold our feet from staying in touch with our communities wherein we catered to their well-being digitally and physically both. We had online sessions with them to ensure their safety and mental stability amidst the tough times as well as paid them a visit to provide them with essentials needed to cater to their daily requirements and bring a smile on their beautiful faces.