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Under Project Kalakaari, we work with underprivileged communities of women who have been victims of trauma and unemployment. We train them to be self-sufficient by teaching them how to start and run a business and generate a living for themselves through the production of canvas bags, cloth folders, scrunchies and floral notebooks. 


Our community, whom we call our Kalakaars, come from different walks of life.

When we first met these women they were living in their shelter homes with no direction and motivation of making their lives better. However, we identified the potential they possessed and started encouraging them to display their talent and skills by making various products.


Strategically, the quality handcrafted products help render goods to the target audience and enable our exceptionally-skilled Kalakaars to become self-reliant, instilling a sense of dignity within. Having worked with certain communities for a long time we have seen a drastic change in their lives.


Our Kalakaars have become more enthusiastic and optimistic and now see themselves as self-reliant entrepreneurs who can achieve anything they put their mind to.


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Under this project, a bunch of hardworking and skilled people, especially women, are willing to work despite all odds, our Kalakaars come from different walks of life.

In linkage with E1F1, based in South Delhi, our Kalakaars form a refugee community, some having been victims of trauma, chronic illness and marginalization.

Our Kalakaars have expertise in making these products which are not only attractive but also in good quality and environment friendly too.

We aim to develop a skill set in them and thereby make them financially independent.