Due to the ongoing pandemic, we couldn't gather to celebrate all that our seniors have done for the team over the years in a traditional Farewell party, but that didn't stop us from taking out time to celebrate their journey, make them feel loved, cherished and honour their contributions. This was done through a virtual farewell party hosted by first and second-year students of Enactus ARSD. The virtual farewell was commenced by our convener Dr Manika Jain, who thanked and congratulated members of third-year for their commendable efforts. Her words were touching and heartfelt. Reciprocating with the same vigour, the members thanked her for her role in their lives and overall betterment, after which they spoke individually about their time as Enactus ARSD members. To shift the mood of the congregation from emotional to cheerful, an informal session was also planned. From a poem cum stand up routine, the staple graduation 'titles' being assigned, personalised memes to a fun video montage, juniors tried their best to ensure the outgoing batch was entertained and delighted. That day, every member made it clear that Enactus has been and will always be more than just a society to all of us because one can take the kid out of Enactus but never Enactus out of the kid. Our seniors are an indispensable part of the society and shall remain one forever and we, the remaining members of the society will strive to continue on the path of success by always doing them proud with our actions and work.

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