The B-Side of Candy Industry

"All I need is love, but a little sugar now and then doesn't hurt," is a quote attributed to American cartoonist Charles Schulz, well known for creating the beloved character "Snoopy." This sentiment is shared by people of all ages and from all over the world. From sour candies like Mango Bite and Pulse to chocolate treats like Eclairs and Melody, candy has shaped and sweetened our childhood, but are they sweet for the environment?

Candies are made using massive machinery and a lot of energy. Candies require a significant amount of water in addition to raw materials, which frequently require the use of synthetic chemicals. Typically, they are wrapped in aluminum foil or plastic wrappers. As if that weren't enough, the industry has also been accused of violating labour laws in developing countries by forcing workers to work long hours, and many large factories have been accused of encouraging child labour.

This issue needs a methodical approach and resolution. The industry needs to reconsider its current labour practices; the products need to be created so that they are environmentally benign (plastic wrappers need to be abolished), and production from the same energy input needs to be maximized. Fortunately, major confectionery producers like Mars and Hershey have started making investments to lower their carbon footprint and boost energy efficiency.

However, it is up to us, the younger generation, to launch social media campaigns and criticize other major candy companies for their environmental impact and labour practices.

Instead of throwing candy wrappers away, try upcycling them to make artistic purses, coloured pouches, bracelets, and other items. Furthermore, consumers should be encouraged to buy products from companies that use environmentally friendly packaging (Nestlé's KitKat brand in Japan successfully transitioned last year).

The sweetness of candy can only be preserved for both the general populace and the environment via our own constant efforts.

"REVOLUTIONISING THIS INDUSTRY IS IN OUR HANDS " - Look at these videos to help our environment and to get some trendy items in your personal art collection.

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