Celebrating Independence Day with our loving community

Have you ever wondered what would happen if someone blindfolded you for an hour or a day? How would you do your daily chores? You suddenly realize that there are no colors around and everything is pitch black, difficult to imagine right? But some people live this way daily and still manage to utilize their abilities to the best they can.

Feeling their pain in our hearts and aiming to spread some joy and happiness all around, TEAM ENACTUS ARSD under Project Samvedna decided to celebrate this INDEPENDENCE DAY (Azadi Ka Amrit Mohatsav) with the children of the Deep Blind Welfare Association. We were greeted with enthusiastic songs and poems they had prepared for us. After a round of Antakshari and other fun games, we hoisted the flag and sang our National Anthem to cherish the sense of patriotism among all of us. We also distributed some candies and chocolates to make this day more memorable for them.

We spent the rest of the day discussing their heart-warming and inspiring life stories-daily struggles, obstacles in the course of running the organization, lack of funds, and adequate marketing techniques required to market the products they made in today’s competitive market.

There are only so many days when you truly feel the essence of living and find yourself inspired to the bone. For us, 15 August 2022 certainly made it to that list✨

So, team Enactus ARSD vowed to help them out in every way possible-be it marketing their goods or handling content on their Instagram handle. With young spirit and entrepreneurial minds, accompanied by their hard work, we aim to provide them with a stable source of income by marketing their products like-incense sticks in our monthly stall UTKARSH and searching for ways to get them the required government support to carry on their operations. Along with this, we are currently looking for various CSR options to help them in carrying on their production.

"Charity Does not decrease wealth."

We would urge you to help them by scanning the below-given QR code. If you want to donate your clothes, books, stationery, etc you can contact +91 8950183336, Yash Mittal (Treasurer).

UPI Address: yashm450@okhdfcbank

TEAM ENACTUS ARSD pledges to help every community in need, often ignored and maltreated by others. We will do everything possible to help them out living a safe and secure life-supporting them with our kindness and entrepreneurial spirit to help them attain happiness and self-sufficiency.

This post is done under Project Samvedna.

Comment on what you all want us to post next.

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