As is well-known in Enactus circuits, that winning grants from a Big Four like KPMG is no small feat; it is thus, a laudable achievement for the Enactus Team at Atma Ram Sanatan Dharma College, who have been chosen as the team to be granted a sum of fifty thousand rupees under the KPMG Business Ethics Grant, 2020. Shattering their glass ceiling, the first-time winners- Enactus ARSD, deservingly claimed the grant for two of their in-house projects namely- Kalakaari and Srijan.

Through their project, Project Kalakaari, Enactus ARSD has helped direct people to switch to using canvas bags produced by their artisans or ‘Kalakaars’, over using plastic bags which are notorious for severely harming the environment; and have simultaneously empowered over 20 underprivileged women, most of whom were unfit for conventional jobs, by generating sustainable employment for them. On the other hand, is it through Project Srijan that the team has alleviated the gardener’s and potter’s community by selling customizable combinations of potted plants, along with attaching brief descriptions of the benefit of each respective plant so as to ideate and encourage people to do their bit towards climate action.

The students of Enactus ARSD look back on their journey of having started out not so long ago in 2017, and how progress would’ve stayed a vision over becoming a reality, had it not been for the tremendous guidance of their Convener- Dr. Manika Jain, and support from their Principal, Dr. Gyantosh Kumar Jha, who were the binding force in the team and helped evolve it into a family. And now, with the support of the grant, Enactus ARSD, modest yet zealously envisions, to maximize their outreach and uplift a broader section of the society, thus, standing true to the Enactus virtues of holistic, sustainable development.

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