Introducing Incense Sticks (A special initiative by Project Samvedna)

"The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but not vision"

It’s not always that you come across a person who is reeling under an ordeal of their own yet chooses not to be perturbed by the tribulations thrown at them by life and instead, vows to mellow the pain of those who share a similar predicament. An act of magnanimity, indeed!

Well, such is the life story of Nirmal, a blind woman solely and astutely running an NGO for blind children. DEEP BLIND WELFARE ASSOCIATION is her labour of love. Situated in Khyala near Subhash Nagar, Delhi; it provides accommodation, food, and vocational training to the unsighted.

Instead of being tied down in the name of their circumstances which they could so easily have, they chose to earn their own bread. They make incense sticks which are quite evocative of their own souls. The category they manufacture is Sandalwood - the very symbol of inner unity of mind, body, and spirit.

Incense sticks have a rich tradition of being used in religious ceremonies. However, their utility extends to many more vital purposes. They are extensively touted as air purifiers and are known to have a calming effect on our nervous systems. And after all, what's better than a naturally made incense stick as opposed to the ones jammed with harmful chemicals being sold in the market!


It’s a matter of pride for Enactus ARSD, to have gotten the opportunity to collaborate with the NGO. It’s a true honour, a privilege to be agents in the promulgation of their produce as we shoulder the responsibility of marketing their incense sticks.

“Good luck and Godspeed”- we say to ourselves!

This post is part of the weekly blog series under Project Samvedna .

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