How the Women of our Communities are Coping Up with the Pandemic

Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create.

It was a year ago that COVID–19 pandemic, seized control of our lives. One’s situation was that of gloom and doom during the midst of an alarming second wave of COVID-19. People were grief-stricken at the loss of their loved ones and others were facing the disease themselves. With oxygen and medicines in short supply in some states, the situation was one of absolute panic and helplessness.

While essential women remained on their jobs, a few of them confined to their quarters, tried to come to terms with life on pause. Working, learning almost entirely from home meant changes in habits, health, relationships and plans for the future.

Restrictions on the movement of people and goods – including border closures, lockdowns and other measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 are disrupting their means of livelihood and in turn, affecting their health. Due to lack of earnings, they lack the intake of proper nutrition and become extremely weak and ultimately leading to more prone to COVID-19.

The low wages and full-time work shifts have arisen as a major issue as well that has led to a disrupted lifestyle and has lowered the motivation in these women leading to stress and depression.

Despite all these hardships, our community women are withstanding the pandemic with the team of Enactus ARSD who constantly support the communities to their best capacity. The members went for physical visits whenever required and conducted virtual visits regularly with due precautions. They guided these women to become financially independent and gave them emotional support.

Project Srijan under Enactus ARSD provides livelihood to more than 250 women and there are more than 3 communities involved. On the other hand, Project Kalakaari impacted the lives of 750+ women involving 2 communities.

Our community women are ample strong to be entirely optimistic even in difficult times. They believed that these times were not to last and hence, they accepted "Don’t give up, this too shall pass."

This post is part of the #healthvoyage weekly blog series under Project Niramaya.

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