- Heeding Sustainability

Sustainability is a societal objective that broadly aspires for humanity to coexist safely on planet Earth for an extended period of time. Now that the time for discussion has passed,

our world needs action. To increase awareness ENACTUS ARSD organized

GREEN-A-THON, a two-day event, sensitizes students on this topic.




On September 12th, 2022, a discussion on sustainability was organized with some of the most famous and distinguished experts in this sector. Our speakers- Mr. Praveen Karn, Ms. Shweta Dalmia, Ms. Vimmy Kalra, and Ms. Muskan Madhok provided thought-provoking insights and anecdotes. In addition, the members of the Deep Blind Welfare Association were invited to perform some of their songs for the inaugural ceremony. During the session, various themes were discussed and an interactive myth-busting round was conducted. The session was concluded by a Q&A round with our audience.

Round 1 of TREASURE HUNT -

An entertaining offline competition was organized for the students of ARSD College,

"Treasure Hunt". It was split into two rounds, the first of which served as a qualifying round

for the top 26 teams.

They were supposed to collect any 5 things within the college premises that portrayed

sustainability or were related to Enactus ARSD and report back to the two members whose

hints were posted on our Instagram handle.



Upcycling is reusing discarded objects or materials and converting them into utility products

thus fostering a circular model and zero waste system.

Our team held a workshop on September 13th, 2022, in conjunction with There Is No Earth

B, a reputable organization that strives to enlighten consumers toward the objective of

mitigating climate change by giving new life to what you could consider rubbish.

They demonstrated how a used t-shirt might be transformed into a practical cloth bag.

All of the students enthusiastically took part in the workshop, which was followed by a pitching session where they could showcase and sell their bags to the judges. The winner of this segment was awarded.

Round 2 of TREASURE HUNT -

Round two was all about “clues, clues, and clues”. Throughout the entire quest, the

participants' enthusiasm was palpable. The event came to an end with the winners receiving

their rewards.

Overall, the 2-day sustainability event, Green-a-thon was a success. On day 1, we were

educated on the perspectives of our speakers. On day 2, we made ‘sustainability’ interesting

for our students by conducting a Treasure hunt.

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