The opening event- a panel discussion on ‘Philanthropy- From Dharma to Karma’, was graced by the presence of 2 eminent panelists- Mr. Ravi Kalra, renowned social activist, environmentalist and founder of the internationally recognized NGO, The Earth Saviors Foundation,and Mr. Amit Kumar Sinha, founder and director at Jamghat NGO. Both, being exceedingly experienced in the field of social work, had much to add to the discourse- from insights into building an organization that helps those in need and sustaining its progress, to the plight of our environment and society.

In one of the three competitive events, Envision – The Case Study Challenge, 12 teams set out to tackle urgent global dilemmas by developing innovative entrepreneurial solutions based on their case studies. From solutions for declining eco-tourism to pollution by cigarette butts, participants impressed us all with their unique thinking and individualistic approaches to business for a world. The judges provided valuable insights into each presentation and it was much appreciated by all participants.

The second event, En-quiz-ito, was the quiz competition which saw a participation of 30+ teams from various colleges. It consisted of two rounds: the Prelims and the Mains. Out of the all the ardent students, awaiting their triumph, six teams were selected after the Prelims. The six teams then went on to compete in the Mains. 3 out of 6 teams were eliminated and the remaining 3 teams competed for the final prize by answering questions in the rapid fire round.

The 3rd event, EnAct- Promote to Float, shed light on crucial topics, such as water scarcity and women’s safety, and made the participants think about how various products available to us, harm the environment; asking them to promote the use of their substitutes. The competition encouraged the participants to come up with innovative ideas to promote the given product or come up with a new variant altogether, demanding the contestants to spread awareness about the issue provided.

The Enactus Fair comprised of stalls set up by 14 Enactus teams, including our own, each showcasing its work and progress. An impressive footfall throughout the day allowed all teams to make considerable sales and promote their ongoing projects among students and teachers alike. Projects featured products from healthy chips, house plants, to bags, notebooks and folders.

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