Ennovate'20: Our Maiden Enactus Day

Over the course of past 3 years we have built on the dream that initially was seen through the eyes of our founding members and mentors. What seemed like an unachievable goal is now the reality we believe in.

Our communities of diverse people slowly culminating into successful entrepreneurs through our projects, what better reason for us to celebrate this and all that enactus is. On account of this, Enactus ARSD presents to you 'Ennovate', our first ever Enactus Day which is to be held on 5th February 2020.

Here is the riveting lineup of events:

  • Panel Discussion;

  • ENVISION: The Case Study Competition;

  • EN-QUIZ-TO: The Enactus Quiz;

  • EN-ACT: Ad-enacting event;

With pride and joy, Enactus ARSD invites all the incredible Enactus Teams spread across the Delhi-NCR region to secure their spot at this extensive Enactus event, and get the chance to not only exhibit the gifts of your perseverance and showcase your proficient skills but to augment your competencies as you would get chance to present in front of a large congregation of various colleges.

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