DAADI MAA- A Story of an Old Woman from Punjab

Her eyes hold a vivid sparkle while talking about her husband and family.

It is easy to embrace life when there are all butterflies and unicorns, but not giving up and embracing it with the same joy even during the worst moments is what makes it worthwhile. Many of us will argue that it is easier said than done, so here is a glimpse of the journey of Daadi maa we met during our visit to the Earth Saviours Foundation under the Project Samvedna, who made us believe that joy is not something you seek outside, it comes from within.

When we caught a glimpse of her at ESF, we could not resist getting into a conversation with her. Her serene face and silver hair were a sign that she has witnessed a lot of springs in her life. We weren't expecting her to talk much, but to my surprise, she is one of an amiable lady.

Daadi maa is a Punjabi, came from a well-to-do family and she used to live in Kamla Nagar, Delhi before coming to the Earth Saviours Foundation. Her eyes hold a vivid sparkle while talking about her husband and family. She told us that her husband had a job abroad. After the demise of her husband and in-laws, she shifted to NGO with her grandson. He is mentally challenged; he cannot speak but listens and understands everything well. Daadi maa told us how he has shown a significant improvement under the guidance of doctors of ESF. But deep down we felt that it was possible only because of the pure love of his grandma.

Even at this age, she has great enthusiasm. She loves children and never leaves a chance to interact and talk to them. She told us how much she loves Rajasthani food. She also talked about her favourite old Bollywood movies and actors.

She has a son too, who now lives in Faridabad. He visits her every Sunday and keeps sending essentials every then and now. She has no complaints in life. She is happy and content with her life in ESF.

This post is created under Project Samvedna

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