Celebrating The Women Behind Project Kalakaari

The past year has seen great progress for women and girls around the globe. From Malala Yousafzai winning the Nobel Peace Prize to Emma Watson’s viral #HeForShe movement, women took to the main stage and had their voices heard. Today is the day, the world will turn its attention to women and girls for International Women’s Day, celebrating the many success stories and recognizing what still needs to be done. But what about the women whose voices are supressed and unheard? The women who struggle with their basic fundamental rights every day? The women who want to break the shackles of the societal norms?

While some of us, are born with the privilege of taking our voices to a platform where it can be heard, the rest, live the lives moulded and defined by others. Basic concepts like choice, equality, and independence are blurred in their dictionaries.

Thus, this International Women’s Day, we celebrate it by honouring the women whose unparallel contributions in the society often go unnoticed. Yes, the community associated with Enactus ARSD’s Project Kalakaari is such a bunch of women. Their skill-set is their weapon to empower themselves, the posterity, pave their way towards self-dependency and as a result transform lives.

The Future is Female

These women have tonnes of predicaments in their journey that they have started for themselves and their future. However, even after being victims of various social evils that the modern world, often believes to be non-existent, they are rising no less than a phoenix. They handcraft products like scrunchies, canvas bags, folders and much more, with love and utmost dedication. Despite of various restraints, they work from daybreak to sundown with the hope of a better tomorrow!

In the end, we believe, financial independence is one of the best ways to empower women and help them chalk out their lives. Project Kalakaari is run with goal of making them self-sustainable and giving them a voice. When you buy a Project Kalakaari product, you lay a step in their ladder of empowerment.

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