Diyon ka Tyohar, Mithai ki Bahaar!

On the occasion of 'Diwali', it is believed that Lord Rama, King Dashratha’s son, along with Lord Lakshamana and Goddess Sita, made his way back home, after 14 years of exile. And in the excitement of their arrival, this day is celebrated with full pomp and show. People dress up in new and colorful clothes, and clean and decorate houses with beautiful Rangolis, Lights, and Flowers.

The sheer beauty of a thousand shimmering lights, those delicious mithais, the vibrant colors of the rangolis and lanterns, the regular visits to the market to choose gifts for your loved ones, and the showdown of lights in the sky at night all add up to the festivities of Diwali.

But the day after Diwali, North India is covered in smog because of the pollution caused by the excessive burning of firecrackers. Due to this, many people are even reluctant to step out of their homes. Apart from this, the noise generated by the crackers is harmful to both humans and animals.

Some ways to make this Diwali a lot cleaner and greener are to adopt sustainable practices to celebrate, like- Instead of crackers, using newspapers to make paper crackers. These fun ways of making noises are way louder than the crackers. Another method is to decorate with paper art, flower rangoli, mitti diyas, and LED fairy lights.


With Diwali comes the tradition of gifting each other presents to symbolize our affection for one another. Instead of giving gifts that do not add value to the receiver, let’s give personalized gifts that will always hold a special meaning.

Check out the link below for some gifting options-

Let us know,

How would you like to celebrate Diwali this year?

  • LED Lights

  • Organic Diyas

  • Fireworks

  • Going to some hill station

You can vote for more than one answer.

This Diwali apart from spending time with your near and dear ones, do something special for the poor. Invite them to your celebration, and make them a part of the festivities. ENACTUS ARSD with the motto of celebrating Green Diwali and making the community ecstatic has launched various products including candles and diyas.

Let's celebrate real Diwali by spreading happiness, not pollution!

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