AAKASH- An Optimistic Guy with the Dreamy Eyes

Aakash- An optimistic guy with the dreamy eyes that never stops him from dreaming.

Are you an introvert and is it strenuous for you to start a conversation? Then this journey of Aakash is for you. We, under Project Samvedna, made a visit to the Earth Saviours Foundation to get in conversation with people there who are physically or mentally challenged.

There only we came across a guy named Aakash. Like his name, he was so calm and composed. He didn’t seem to have any boundaries to his dreams matter what the circumstances were.

He was an introvert too or we can say a fine listener. He was alone, wearing a red tee, and was observing everyone quietly like an innocent child. He had such behaviour possibly because he barely had any friends. In his eyes, there was a thing that pulled us towards him. We sat with him and asked his name and about his studies.

He at once started uttering as if he was waiting for something notable to go ahead and share things. Aakash mentioned that he is from Assam, the land of tea farms. He studied at a reputed school at Vasant Kunj and appeared like a keen boy. Then, when asked why he was there in ESF, he replied that he was there for 3 years due to a stomach disease and there is no treatment yet for the same.

He had such dreamy eyes that never stopped him from dreaming about going to school again and having a bright future when he gets better. We tried to cheer him up and told him that he would surely go to school and that brought a big smile to his face. He suddenly got up and took a slip from his pocket. It has his art teacher’s number on it. He briefed that he had a keen interest in art and craft and singing. Not only he told us about his interest in singing but also sang an Assamese song for us which created a cheerful environment. His enthusiasm and his way of taking things in an optimistic way genuinely inspired all of us.

A disease can’t control our lives and this young kid taught us this significant moral of life. When we were about to leave, he took my dairy and wrote – “I was pleased to meet you all”. Seeing his affection, one of us took a pen and drew the star on his face, promising to meet him again. Indeed, the visit to ESF was an immense success.

This post is created under Project Samvedna

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