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Since its inception in 2017, Enactus ARSD has worked towards uplifting the underprivileged and guiding them towards self-reliance through entrepreneurial action and empowerment. It was formed by a group of 5 students who were passionate to become social entrepreneurs with a vision and a mission to bring about a change and do their bit for the planet and its people. We, at Enactus ARSD, continue to carry that vision forward.

Our society has been growing ever since with highly motivated and determined students. Today, our team has dedicated future leaders who are focused on  becoming better human beings. Through our projects, we aim to share this spirit of entrepreneurship with the world, tackle issues that matter and achieve UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

With little steps, we have earned recognition not only within our nation’s boundaries but also at an international level. Even times as harsh and depressing as the pandemic couldn’t hold our feet back from making an impact. We are also very proud to be collaborating with other Enactus societies so that together we all join hands and unleash the benevolence we have within to impact the human race for the better so that #weallwin.


Atma Ram Sanatan Dharma College is a premier educational institution of Delhi University which aims to nurture excellence in education. Being ranked 13th among colleges in India and 7th amongst colleges in the University of Delhi by the National Institute of Ranking Framework, ARSD has always outshined among various fields.


The college is concerned primarily with creating an institution in tune with contemporary demands and enabling holistic development of all its stakeholders. Since it’s inception, the college has focused on character building and idealism. The motto of the college, “Tejasvinaavadhitam-astu” has been taken from the Taittriya Upanishad and means, “May our learning be endowed with radiance”.

The college looks forward, with a strong and dedicated vision, to achieve much more on its journey towards imparting quality education and holistic development.



Prof. Pradeep Kr. Burma



Prof. Prem Lal Uniyal



Prof. Gyantosh Kr. Jha




Prof. Gyantosh Kr. Jha

Principal, Atma Ram Sanatan Dharma College

Enactus ARSD, which was once a mere thought, has become a prominent society of the College over the years. Since its inception, the Society has made enormous strides. Driven by the idea to engineer social change through entrepreneurship, it has indeed helped underprivileged communities become self-sufficient. The members of the Society not only provide viable business ideas to the needy, but also help them gain the necessary skills to achieve their objectives. Social Entrepreneurship, which is the foundation of Enactus, has become an integral part of the business world, involving as it does both the welfare of the society along with economic factors of running a business. The team has effectively achieved this goal by allowing partner NGOs to take over completely and manage businesses they were initially part owners of.

Enactus ARSD aims to pursue the 17 Sustainable Development Goals envisioned by the United Nations, spreading awareness as well as aiding the growth of environmentally and socially responsible citizens. The creative projects or entrepreneurial ideas, collaborations with various NGOs, as well as the events organized by the Society ensure the fulfillment of these goals. Additionally, by inculcating in students qualities such as leadership, teamwork, analytical skills as well as creative thinking, the Society also promotes the holistic development of stakeholders—the philosophical keystone of the College. I wish the very best to the team for their future endeavors, and place my confidence in their efforts and will to take the College and the Society to greater heights.



Ms. Swati

Convenor, Enactus ARSD


Enactus ARSD is a group of dynamic self motivated individuals who through social entrepreneurship are working for upliftment of underprivileged sections of society. Sustainable development is the need of the hour in this era of past pace development. The currently running projects of Enactus ARSD   strives to achieve sustainable development goals like responsible consumption and production, gender equality, no poverty, reduced inequality, decent work and economic growth, good health and well being, climate action etc. In the last few years since its inception this society has been successfully bringing  change in the lives of many sections of the society and has carved a niche for itself.

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Hari Priya

President 2018-19

In the formative year of Enactus India ARSD Chapter, I inadvertently voted for "Empathy. Empowerment. Ecstasy." be our motto. However, it was many empathy-induced welfare projects later that I realized, the Enactus Family is often associated with and held together by, the feeling of ecstasy - through the empowerment of marginalized yet meticulously skilled people, through the gratification from working hard to make a difference, through the motivation to wield our resources, opportunities and privilege that culminates to a positive impact on the society. Serving as the President of this society has been an enriching, transformative experience.

CORE TEAM  2022 -23 





Dr Manisha Upadhyay

Faculty Advisor


Dr Anjali Verma

Faculty Advisor

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Bhamini Bachhas


"Enactus has provided me with a plethora of new experiences and opportunities."

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Pratham Nijhawan


" For me, the real essence of teamwork and values originates from enactus."

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Ananya Soti

General Secretary/Marketing Head

"Being in Enactus ARSD is a pathway for overall personality development."

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Yash Mittal

Treasurer/Finance Head

"I've had the good fortune of being surrounded by amazing individuals with whom I enjoy working."

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Khushi Mitruka

Joint Secretary/PR Head

"Under the aegis of Enactus, I've become an optimistic, idealist and a better human being. "

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    Daksh Yadav

    Events Coordinator

    "Enactus fosters a supportive environment, and I'm happy to report that I'm thriving here."

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    Diksha Sharma

    Project Head (Kalakaari)

    "Enactus provides a fantastic setting in which we can think creatively and beyond the norm."

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    Pragya Sharma

    Project Head (Srijan)

    "Heart filled with empathy and hands ready to serve the most needed is what brought me to Enactus."

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    Govind Unnikrishnan

    Project Head (Samvedna)

    "Enactus allowed me to achieve both my professional and personal ambitions at the same time."

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    Ritzayi Raze

    Project Head (Niramaya)

    "Enactus saw my potential and helped me to realise it through guidance and encouragement."

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    Somya Dhaiya

    Content Head

    "I am grateful to my fate for bringing me to this wonderful society."

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    Anukriti Uniyal

    Deputy Marketing Head

    "At enactus, I've found a second family, and I'm excited to watch it expand."

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    Omkar Bobde

    Operations Head

    " I am privileged to be a part of Enactus family, where my desire to make a difference came true."

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    Shreya Gupta

    Deputy Content Head

    " Enactus inspires me to help others, and I am proud of who we are and what we accomplish."

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    Meenal Mehta

    Research Head

    " Enactus ARSD is an outstanding organisation, and I am honoured to be a part of it."

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    Tanisha Chauhan

    Digital Head

    "At Enactus, we are encouraged in diversifying our roles and enhancing our skills."

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